Lettuce Is The Most Natural Plant In The Garden


Lettuce has always been the queen of the most natural plants in our garden. This tasty plant doesn’t require so much as you thought and it is simply depending on the right timing and fertilizers you are using. In case you want to grow lettuce in your garden, choose a sort, which is easy to grow as the Romaine is.

Whatever you are choosing to grow, start sowing the seeds in the early spring. The right soil for the lettuce is well-drained. The place needs to be with a lot of light, because lettuce needs a lot of light so to grow.

Sow the lettuce in a row 10 to 12 inches apart. In case you want to grow lettuce in the summer, you will have to transplant and directly sow the lettuce to places with shade.

The great place for this goal is underneath the tomato plants or the corn. One of the most important things for the lettuce is the watering.

You need to water them extremely often, especially in the first days of the lettuce growth. Harvest the lettuce at the baby stage; otherwise it will develop bitter-tasting latex.

Don’t forget to make plantings every 7-10 days in the summer. The right fertilizer for the lettuce is the organic one, so make sure you are using natural clean fertilizers.