Many People Turn To Growing Their Own Vegetables For Financial Reasons


vegetable gardenThe current economic climate is making more people turn to growing their own vegetables and they taste great too.

Surprisingly you don’t need a massive space and there are numerous ways to even grow them if you have no garden at all.

The main thing is a reasonable earth, plenty of sunshine and regular watering, and the reward will be ten fold. There is no better feeling than eating at the table what you have grown yourself.

Raised beds can be a great way of starting out, as most vegetables do not require very deep earth and you can move them away if you change your mind.

If you are committed then crop rotation can be easily managed with this system. Bear in mind that some crops like zucchini produce a big yield per plant so you therefore don’t need very many.

Potatoes work very well in a pot, sometimes easier than in the ground. A lot of varieties also come in dwarf or more compact sizes, which makes them much easy to adapt to pots or containers.

Good earth is an advantage but don’t let it put you off, there are many things that can be done to improve it and anyway some vegetables can manage quite well in a poorer earth.

Another great way of growing vegetables is to plant them amongst your flowers and shrubs. The French do this without thinking and there it is called a Potager, often marrying the two came help keep bugs at bay.