Peppers Are The Gardens Gems


Peppers have always been a must for any gardener. Growing them isn’t an issue, especially if you know some tricks to do it right. Here are few tips how to grow healthy peppers in all conditions.

The experts claim that any gardener who knows how to grow tomatoes will be doing great with the peppers, but in case you never grow peppers, the right time to grow them is late winter to late March.

Pepper seeds are a bit slower than the other plants, but with the right care you will have no problems growing them.

growing peppers in garden 1

The seeds need to be in 8-10-centimente pots, as you make sure the humidity in the soil is enough. Gather well your pots and planting material, for it is also an important step.

Growing the peppers indoor requires sun and watering, so place the pots in area, which is sunny. This way you will provide healthy growth to your peppers. The containers can be terracotta, wood or sturdy plastic.

The right size of the containers is also an issue. In order to allow good growth, choose a container with at least 30 centimeters in diameter.

The bigger containers are also a good choice, but don’t choose small containers.

The care for the pepper plants should be extremely good, because even a chilly night can destroy them. Make sure they are well protected from the frost, because usually the frost is the main reason for peppers to damage.

growing peppers in garden 2

The frost is dangerous, because the flowers will start to drop, make sure the night temperatures are above 7°C, especially if you are going to place the peppers outdoors. Setting the peppers outdoors is also an issue to concern, so try to avoid any temperature or climate shock.

Hot sun is also bad for the peppers, because the containers will overheat and this will dry the roots of the peppers.

These plants are known for their delicate roots, so try to provide an area that will ensure the cooler pepper roots. Watering of the peppers needs to be done daily. If they are thirsty, there will be some wilting of the leaves, so if you notice this, just water the peppers.

The fertilizers are also good idea, but you should consider that some fertilizers can cause over growth, so pick up fertilizers that are specially formulated for peppers. Liquid ones are usually the best choice, so pour them at least once in a month with a special fertilizer.