Requirements To Grow Tomatoes In Your Own Garden


grow tomatoesIf you are one of those people who prefer to enjoy fresh produce from their own garden then you will be pleased to know that there are lots of vegetables that are not very hard to grow.

Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow and with the proper taking care of; you do not need the so called “green thumb” to enjoy fresh tomatoes in your salads every day. Firstly you need to know how to grow tomatoes.

The soil needed for good growth

Tomatoes are not too choosy when it comes to the type of soil to plant them. Some say you can actually place tomato seeds on a newspaper; add some fertilizer and they will grow.

However, to maximize the growth of your tomato plants you should add manure to the soil to make it more fertile. This will make your plants grow up healthier and produce a lot of tomatoes.

Make sure the soil is warm before you put the tomato seeds into the ground. Tomatoes love heat and the seeds grow well in warm moist soil. The soil is very important in the growth of tomatoes.

Planting the tomato seeds

The next step in growing tomatoes in your own garden is to scatter the tomato seeds in your garden. You do not have to be methodical at this stage. Later when they have germinated you can then transplant them and put them in neat rows. Make sure you leave enough space in between each plant for them to grow fully.

If you crowd the tomato plants then they will not grow to their maximum potential. As the tomatoes grow larger you will have to place a stick on each and every plant to support their weight especially when they start bearing fruit. Knowing how to plant tomato seeds is the first step while growing tomatoes.

Water content of the soil

Keeping the soil moist is very important for the process of tomato growing. This type of plant loves water as much as it loves heat so water your garden regularly.

Irregular watering will result in blossom end putrefy and cracking. When your plants begin to bear fruit you can lessen the watering but not to a point where the plants start to wilt.

Taking care of the plant

When the plants have grown to about three inches you can remove the bottom leaves. These bottom leaves are not much use to the entire plant as there is not much sunlight that reaches them and they are usually the first to be harassed by fungus.

Prune suckers off the plant regularly but do not over do it because the leaves of the plant are necessary for photosynthesis which provides the plant with energy and nutrients to bear juicy fruits.

Take all this tips and you will be on your way to grow tomatoes the best way.