Steps To Grow Tomatoes In A Healthy Way


TOMATO GROWING TIPSWhen and where to plant tomato seeds

Tomatoes are warm-weather vegetables, the seeds will only germinate if the soil is warm.

Tomatoes require short seasons to mature, four to five months at most, they should be planted at intervals from September onwards but should not be planted too late or else it will overlap into winter.

Tomato growing is very easy if some of the essential tomato growing tips are followed. It’s also possible to grow tomatoes in winter but the area should be frost-free.

It would be very efficient to plant the tomatoes in sheltered seed boxes during those winter months. The seedlings would take about five weeks at most to grow to 6 inches, after the winter months are over the stronger seedlings can then be transplanted.

Here are some tomato growing tips.

Crop rotation

For tomatoes to grow healthy, it being obvious that there will be many other different vegetables planted around, crop rotation is the best practice to implement.

Knowing the right order to plant your vegetables is very important for example tomatoes belong to the potato family (solanum) and so they should not be planted alongside potatoes as they are vulnerable to diseases that affect potatoes like blight. Crop rotation is one important aspect in growing tomatoes.

You can use the ring-culture method to protect tomatoes from the eelworm and also helps the plant resistant fungus diseases.

The ring culture involves growing tomatoes in bottomless containers standing on moist ash, which enables the plant to produce a colossal secondary root system. This method has been proved to have positive results on the plant growth and the fruit to be produced.

Watering the plants

It is important to monitor the water when watering tomatoes as tomatoes require a minimum amount of water, an uneven amount of water supply at times will cause an end to the plants blossom and also rot may develop.

The best method to water tomatoes is to irrigate, or dampening deeply if is a small garden, regularly without having to wet foliage once a week.

As the root system grows bigger you may now water the wall area making it soaked with water. If you are going to use the sprinkler then the watering should be done in the morning and not during the midday, at this time it may now be hot. The foliage needs to be dusted, using a fungicide like Zineb, to prevent the occurrence of any fungus disease.

Supporting the plant during growth

It is very important to support the tomato plant because if it’s going to lie down on the soil surface and can be damaged when tramped on and the fruit may even rot at times.

Each tomato plant should be held with a 6-foot stake. You could put up 6-foot stakes by the strings at 9inches intervals. You must plant the tomato in-between the supporting stakes, connect them by the strings as the tomato plants grow.


Pruning the plant is not all that necessary, large branches must no be removed to avoid sun burn or damage to the plant. The only thing that can be removed is the side shoot when it’s still tiny.

If you follow these tomato growing tips then you will be on your way to produce the best tomato plant in your garden.

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