Sweet Potatoes – A Different Approach To Growing Them


Most of the vegetables tend to droop in the summer heat but sweet potatoes are an exception as far as this behavior is considered.

High temperature is one of the most essential requirements for their proper growth. They have seen growing in areas raging from Southern climates to Central Pennsylvania with equal qualities.

Trying different techniques over traditional ones for growing sweet potatoes:

sweet potatoesGardening is an activity in which you can add your own skill and creativity. You can invent new techniques to plant sweet potatoes instead of following the already accepted ones.

This way you will make it a fun exercise and will also be curious to know the result. This may also help in improving the sweetening quotient of the sweet potato and will also give you confidence in your gardening methods.

New varieties of sweet potatoes

The best advantage of growing sweet potatoes in your own garden is that you can plant any variety you like.

Instead of going for common sweet potato varieties like Georgia Jets and Puerto Ricans, you can even plant imported varieties like Speckled Purple, Diane, Korean Purple, Beauregard, etc.

Mericlone Labs are especially known for their plants which are transported from California in an airtight plastic bag without any soil, water or perlite.

These plants do not carry any root system and look like a vine with a section of stem and some leaves.

Using cuttings instead of slips

Undoubtedly, planting sweet potato through cuttings is a very fast and simple method which can give you a good produce of sweet potatoes.

For this, you just have to plant the stem in the soil and take care of it like any other plant. You would be amazed to find that the stem would grow along with the changing weather and time.

Using new methods to warm up the sweet potato bed

Sweet potatoes need warm climatic conditions to grow. You can provide this factor to the plant manually by using black plastic mulch which has the properties of giving warmth to the soil and retaining water in it.

According to Mericlone Labs, PVC covers and transparent plastic sheets can be good options to provide warmth to the sweet potato beds. You will surely find good and early results in form of healthy, green and blossoming vines covering the whole area beneath the sheet.