The Beginner’s Tips For Planting Fall Garlic


Garlic mayonnaise, garlic bread, garlic spaghetti…the average kitchen has it all, for every kitchen welcomes garlic.

Garlic is the plant almost every gardener likes to have around for it not only beneficial for the garden itself but it also is easy to grow whether you grow it on garden beds or in large containers.

planting fall garlic 1

For planting fall garlic you would need a ground rich in organic mass where clay and sand mixes with fertile black soil. The field you will grow garlic on must not be cultivated with Allium family plants for at least four years, in order for the garlic culture to be perfect.

Also keep in mind not to plant garlic on a bed where you used to grow tomatoes and potatoes for such a soil would favor nematodes that would destroy your crop.

planting fall garlic 2

The best places to grow garlic on are the ones with crops that are clearing the field in the early summer like cabbage, cucumbers, dill or lettuce. Such a crop would leave the soil perfectly fit to accommodate the fall garlic.

The fall garlic is better planted in the early September or until the middle of October so it will make roots but it will not get above the ground until the cold comes.

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