The Best Way To Set Up An Attractive Vegetable Garden


vegetable garden1Your garden design should not only be appealing to the eye, but easier for you to move around and do all the necessary things such as weeding and checking of each and every plant.

That is the first rule in gardening design to make sure that your garden is conveniently large.

An overcrowded garden will not be attractive even if you have a large collection of beautiful flowers.

However, this does not mean that a small garden will not be attractive but even the smallest of gardens should accommodate some free space.

When planting your plants and vegetables in your garden you should also consider the type and color. Do not haphazardly plant your vegetables or flowers. Make neat rows and group your plantings according to color and type.

It should have an end result of a perfectly well balanced garden in color and design. To avoid easy spread of disease make sure you vary the type of plant in a bunch or setting, but do so in an orderly manner. An attractive garden design should resemble order.

Popular garden designs include English and Japanese gardens.  Japanese gardens usually follow the Feng Shui garden design.

It is not only a unique and attractive garden design but it is also believed to generate good luck to whoever owns it. Other common types of garden designs include, Asian style, cottage style, formal and plain contemporary design.

Cottage designs are characterized by a range of wild flowers to vegetables whereas formal garden designs are characterized with geometric patterns using trees and hedges.

You can add waterfalls or garden fountains as part of your garden design; just make sure you do not use the space that you could have used better by planting another plant. Otherwise these are great features for your garden.

The shape and location of your garden in your yard is also a factor in the garden design. Rectangular or square shaped gardens look better in the corners of your yard than in the middle somewhere.

Use a splash of paint on your walls so that you can further enhance the design of your garden. No matter how beautiful your garden may turn out, it will not look attractive if you have a dull and worn out wall in the background.

Include a pathway in your design, preferably a stone paved pathway with pot plants that will be running across the edges. Not too many though, maybe 4 or 5 depending on the length of your pathway. Pathways always add some beauty to a garden.

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