The Carrot Hybrids You Should Consider for Your Garden

Carrots are the green vegetables with the highest world coverage. Indigenous to Afghanistan, this vegetable was cultivated by the Greek and Romans too. Perhaps you asked yourself how we came to consume that specific part of the carrot – the root.

The answer lies in the biological and nutritional value of the carrot roots. Its high content of nutritive fibers and beta-carotene makes it a favorite of the healthy nutrition plans.

carrot hybridsWhat are the most cultivated hybrids of this vegetable? Well …it really depends on the growth period they need.

The species with a rapid growth and development are Tempo F1, Nansen F1 and Concerto F1. These are the Nanti types with the length of 18-22 cm, smooth and cylindrical, with a rapid growth.

They are the species which do not crack and which are perfect for the spring seeding. However these hybrids do not produce seeds.

Concerto F1 produces rich crops from summer to February. Primo F1, Presto F1 and Nanco F1 have a vegetation period of 95-96 days, a high growth capability and the length of their roots is 15-20 cm.

Their advantage is that in August the crop is ready for the market and can be sold immediately after gathering.

Bolero F1, Soprano F1 and Maestro F1 belong to the hybrids with a vegetation of 105-120 days. These types belong to the Nanti species too. The length of the roots is of 22-25 cm, the surface is smooth and they have a slightly milder taste.

The leaves of these hybrids are very sturdy making them perfect for mechanical tillage. They are quite resilient during storage and they can stay fresh for long periods of time.

The vegetation period of the Siroco F1 hybrid is of 115-120 days and it has a length of 24-29 cm. It is a combination of Nanti and Kuroda and this is why the roots vary depending on the density of the soil they grow into. This hybrid is extremely proficient and can be stored for long periods of time. It cracks under pressure but it does well when packed according to the market’s request.

The vegetation period of the Eskimo F1 is of 150-160 days. It is the perfect type for early seeding. The cylinder root has a smooth, equal surface, a beautiful color, and the superior part of the root is covered by robust leaves. This species does not crack and can be stored for many months.