The Ideal Conditions For Growing Garlic


growing garlicdThere are three kinds of garlic but one of the three has very big cloves and does not have the garlic flavor found in the other garlic.

The two most popular kinds have many types of garlic that are classified under their names.

There is the common garlic, its scientific name is Allium sativum and the hard neck garlic scientific name Allium sativum var.ophioscorodon.

The difference between the two is that one type is the stiff type with fewer cloves 4-8 and the other is soft and has 8-12 cloves.

Garlic is in the same family as onion, shallots and leek. Growing garlic is very much fun as it adds flavour to meals which is why many people would want to grow it in their gardens.

Eating garlic has a lot of health benefits like prevention from common colds and flu. Garlic has been used as a healing herd; raw garlic helps reduce high cholesterol levels. It has been proved that mosquitoes don’t like the smell of garlic.

Recent studies have shown that garlic is a very broad working natural antibiotic; since it’s a natural source of antibiotics and it doesn’t have any long term side effects. However, too much consumption of raw garlic could damage the digestive track because garlic juice is very strong.

Growing garlic is very simple, you don’t need to be a professional to grow it. Garlic is a resilient perennial in the alliums family. All alliums grow from bulbs.

Each garlic clove is a seed; from this clove the plant sown will produce a bulb which will have about 12 cloves. The seeds should be planted at least 4 inches apart. When growing garlic the seed should be erect, when planted the root end needs to be at the bottom.

The soil to use is one of the most important elements to address when planning to plant garlic. The soil needs to be neutral meaning it has to have a pH of 6.5-7.

You need to use very fertile garden soil that is well drained; it would work best if you add well rotted manure. Liming the soil will also be beneficial too for your plants’ growth.

Warm weather is ideal for growing garlic. Garlic plants are harvested when the foliage has dried up. It’s best to pick and dry the garlic while covered. If left to dry in the soil, the bulb may rot because the soil may be moist.

Home grown garlic may not produce good results because one might have failed to choose the right seeds to grow. Choosing the healthier seeds to grow guarantees fairly good harvest.

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