The Trendy Garden Products of 2011


Are you looking for something new to grow in your kitchen garden this year? There are many new varieties of tomatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables. You can try them to add new color, flavor and texture to your meals.

The ubiquitous and much loved tomato is now available in different colors and hues.

Garden Products

The Lizzano’ tomato is a semi-determinate garden crop and is easily available as seeds at the nearest garden center. It is perfect for containers or baskets as it trails.

It is disease resistant and bears a multitude of bright red fruits, about 1” in size. They need well drained but moist soil with plenty of sun. Lizzano is an award winning variety.

The pink pounder tomato simply does credit to its name. The plant bears huge fruits that remind one of 16 ounce beef steak.

It is very flavorful and the plant keeps up a steady supply which it takes about 75 days to mature and can be grown from seeds available even in online stores. The indeterminate variety needs a lot of sun and moist but in the same time a well drained soil.

The golden salsa is a bush variety of tomatoes that bears golden yellow fruits weighing 5 ounces or more each. The fruit is very sweet and has a lot of flesh. Like most tomatoes it needs a lot of sun and a well drained moist soil. It grows from seeds that can be sourced online and matures in 70 days.

Green envy bears inch long cherry tomatoes that are emerald green in color. The fruits are sweet and juicy with a meaty texture. It is available online and you can grow them from seeds. Expect maturity in 70 days with full sun and well drained, but moist soil.

Some of the other popular tomato varieties include sunny boy, terenzo, heritage and orange slice.

Two great varieties of sweet potatoes that are gaining ground are Evangeline and Murasaki 29. They both need a lot of sun and a well drained moist soil. Not available as seeds, they take about 110 days to mature.

Evangeline produces nutritious and flavorful orange tubers and is among the sweetest of the lot. The murasaki 29 is a Japanese variety. It has purple skin and white flesh that has a nutty flavor. It grows fast and it is disease resistant.

The King Kool sweet corn has very sweet bicolor kernels. It is cold resistant, so gardeners can kick start corns earlier with them. They take 73 days to mature and can be grown from seeds. The corn needs moist well drained soil with plenty of sun.

Two popular pepper varieties are Sublime and Orange Blaze. Sublime produces tapered green peppers that are sweet and red in color. It is tasty and adds a lot of color. It can be grown from seeds and reaches maturity in 80 days. It is perfect for making red salsa.

The orange blaze is an easy to grow, award winning sweet pepper full of flavors. Seeds can be sourced at the nearest garden center. Both varieties need well drained and moist soil with a lot of sun to flourish.

Some other popular produce include lime light zucchini, pink punch radish, pixie cabbage, garden ferns lettuce, amazonka winter squash, hijinks pumpkin, bountiful blue berry and angel red pomegranate.

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