7 Tips on Growing Exotic Vegetables

tips on growing exotic vegetables

If you love gardening then growing exotic vegetables will definitely be an interesting thing to do. This will not only improve your skills of gardening but will also provide you with fresh and healthy stock of exotic vegetables to be consumed.  Like any other plant, exotic vegetables also need proper care for optimal growth and there are some tips that will help you to master the art. Below given are some tips to grow these lesser known healthy vegetables:

tips on growing exotic vegetablesSelect the Type of Vegetable you Want to Grow

The very first thing is to select the type of exotic vegetable that you want to grow. There is a long list of these vegetables among which you can select the one which you like to consume and are also apt for your area.

Select the Correct Location

Now select the correct site to grow these vegetables. The area needs to be selected on the basis of the vegetable. If you are growing a sun loving plant then choose an appropriate area, else the plant will not have an optimal growth and will also have pest and other issues.

Right Soil

Soil condition is also an important factor for growing exotic vegetables. Use soil that is of good quality and free from stones. Also try to avoid the ground area which is recently manured as it makes peeling difficult for the root crops. Moreover land which is cultivated recently should also be avoided as chances of soil pests are more. Thus a good fertile land with moist and well drained soil works best for exotic vegetables.

Time of Sowing

Right time of sowing the vegetable is also important for its growth. Start the gardening process in spring season by indoor seed sowing so that seedlings can be transplanted when frosting of spring is over.  Moreover check the packet of vegetable seeds so as to know their proper sowing time.

  • Proper sowing of these vegetables as per the instructions given on the packet is also very important.
  • Once the land is prepared and seeds are sowed, proper after care must be taken. Water the seeds as per suggested amount so that there is good growth of the plant. The weeds if any should be gently taken out and hoe them regularly.
  • Once you see the seedlings growing, remove the weaker ones so as to provide space for the others to grow. Second thinning process after some time should also be done.

Thus with the above given tips you will surely have a good growth of exotic vegetables in your garden.