Tips To Grow Broccoli In Your Garden


broccoli plantBroccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can grow in your garden. It contains high percentage of vitamin C, an essential vitamin for your body.

The secret behind the best-tasting broccoli mainly lies in seasoning, not the spices.

When to plant broccoli!

Broccoli that has been grown in cool weather tastes good and also produces healthy heads that are much sweeter than those grown in any other season.

Right place to grow!

Choose the place where broccoli plant gets full sun and where the soil is slightly acidic in nature. It must be well drained and also fertile.

Sowing seeds!

Broccoli is available in different varieties but the procedure to sow the seeds is almost same for all of them. The only thing that mainly differs is the season and time of their growth.

For instance, you can get better yields of green broccoli, if you grow them at the ending of April or opening of May.

Handling broccoli!

It is quite easy to handle broccoli with appropriate soil and sufficient amounts of water. Watering and better garden compost for broccoli is important when its heads start to grow.

So, if you want to grow any healthy vegetable in your garden [Vegetable garden], you can go for broccoli as it is quite easy to handle and also provides you healthy vitamins for your body.