Tomatoes Last Longer If Fertilized Naturally


Tomatoes are an all time favorite and used extensively in American cooking. They are easy to grow, so you can enjoy home grown tomatoes if you plant them in your kitchen garden. A few things can considerably increase your harvest.

growing tomatoesStart by choosing a suitable cultivar, you can opt for new hybrid varieties or stick to the older sweet variants. The cultivar choice can also depend on the type of soil and the climate. You can either use stakes or let the tomato plants trail too.

You will need a good fertilizer for your tomato plants as they need continuous nutrition. The tomatoes need plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to stay healthy and grow well. Nitrogen contributes towards greener foliage, phosphorus is responsible for blossoming and fruiting and potassium helps in root elongation.

organic fertilizersChoose a fertilizer that has all three of these nutrients. The fertilizer label will tell you about the proportion of these essential nutrients.

If you would rather use an organic option, fish suspension liquid fertilizer will do the trick. Liquid organic fertilizers can be sprayed on the plants or you may use the granule form in the soil.

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