Vegetables In Pots For Winter Gardening


Gardens offer both an aesthetic and practical use. They can be for sheer beauty and relaxation, or they can also be used for home-grown vegetables.

Unfortunately many gardeners have to struggle to protect their vegetables in winter. There are methods to doing this that will help keep vegetables protected and ready for use.

spinachThere are many vegetables that can be transferred to pots to help protect them in the winter such as cherry tomatoes, spinach, peppers, lettuce, baby corn and carrots and so on.

The vegetables can be moved and placed indoors on a window sill that gets the sun during the winter but doesn’t have to battle with the cold.

If left outdoors in the garden, make sure to choose a container that has holes in the bottom that way excess water can drain out of the container [container gardening].

home grown vegetablesAlso, keep in mind choosing a pot that can handle cold temperatures like a tough plastic and also make sure the container has enough room to hold the vegetable as well as the roots and the soil.

If the home has a patio, the vegetables can also be placed there or outside the kitchen door, within easy reach when cooking.

Storing vegetables in pots can help protect from the destruction of a harsh winter, just make sure to be careful and do research.

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