Why It Makes So Much Sense To Grow Your Own Veggies?


If you ever wonder whether it is worth the effort to try and grow your own veggies in that little patch of land in your backyard, then perform this simple test; it will convince you:

If you have a friend or relative or neighbor who grows their own veggies, get just a few tomatoes from them and then buy an equal number of tomatoes from the store.

Now put both of these in the fridge and wait a few days. See what happens to the home grown tomatoes and also the store bought tomatoes.

The store bought ones may start out looking redder, bigger and plumper, but they will also deteriorate faster.

With store bought vegetables there is no way to tell how long a journey it has been from the time an item was grown to the time that you buy and then actually consume it. When you grow your own vegetables, you know exactly when that tomato got plucked and how fresh it is.

Also in a sense you can assure yourself that the veggies you grow are organic; because you have control over the kind of fertilizer you use (natural or chemical), you get to choose whether to use pesticides or not.

When you grow your own produce, you are in control of what reaches your own plate. Plus there is the matchless satisfaction that comes from eating what you have grown yourself.