Your Favorite Salad Ingredient Can Be Grown Very Easily


For the newly gardeners that want to grow lettuces in their gardens, now is exactly the time to start.  Growing the tasty vegetable is easy to manage and doesn’t require too much special care.

lettuceLettuces need a well composted soil and a cool weather, so you can place the seeds 2 weeks before the last expected frost.

The perfect spacing is nearly 15 inches apart from each other. You have to be aware of watering the lettuce, because it needs 1 inch water per week. If the soil is too dry, the lettuce will thrive very fast. A fertilizer is necessary in order to stimulate the growth of the lettuce.

Use a fish emulsion or a compost tea every week, until the lettuce is at least 4 inches tall. In order to prevent your lettuce from being bitter, plant it under trees or larger plants, which will keep a shade from the sun.