Flower Garden Plans You Can Do for Yourself


One of the best things about having a garden is that you can use the flower garden plans you have been thinking about for so long. In every season you could be using different plans, and this year you might give up the conventional ideas and go with what you want.

The focal point of the plans for the flower garden

The first thing you have to start with is the focal point. This is the area of the garden that catches your eyes the first time you enter. You could be using a garden fountain, arbor, statue or waterfall. You may have seen some gardens, and so you could have observed that you need the right accessories for the plans of the flower garden.

Flower Garden PlansBorders and edges

The flower beds should be separated from the rest of the garden with the help of curves and also straight lines.

The truth is that the straight lines are easier to maintain, but nowadays it is very trendy to have curves to make the garden look bigger.

Before you actually create the flower garden plans, you should mark the edge of the garden with landscaping paint and leave it that way for a short period to make you realize the size of it.

In the majority of the cases it is enough to have 2-3 feet wide borders to allow traffic and to make it possible for you to maintain the garden. Due to technology you could also be using software when creating your plans for flower garden to see how things will work out.


Before you start the work in the garden, decide upon the location of each of the plants. To make sure that you have access to all the plants, place the smaller ones in the front, and the taller ones in the back. If you are going for flower garden plans that include islands, have the tall plants in the center, and the smaller ones around the edges. Also consider the needs of the plants. There are some that need more sun, and so you should make sure that these won’t get in the shade.


In order to create harmony in the garden you will need to consider color and texture when creating the plans for the flower garden. You should have groups of flowers besides each other in complementing colors. In this case more is more, and according to this you should have several plants of the same kind planted together, so that they will make a bigger impression.

Another good idea for the flower garden plans is to repeat the patterns to have a bigger impact. It is a good idea to go for those plants that offer the garden color throughout the entire year. You should know when each of the plants bloom, and don’t forget about the winter period either when making the plans for the flower garden.

As you can see it’s not that difficult to create flower garden plans.