How To Decorate A Garden With Waste Material?

How To Decorate A Garden With Waste Material

We all are aware of people who make the best out of waste materials, so why not we try it. While decorating your garden, your mind must have tons of questions as to how you can make it look better. Your search ends here.

Old cans to tires; you can use anything and everything once you add a little bit of imagination. You can find a large variety of old stuff in a ‘hobby store’. Listed below are a few items you can use to beautify your garden in simple yet beautiful ways!

How To Decorate A Garden With Waste Material

1. Metals Cans for Decoration!

You can use regular metal cans at your house. The best thing to do with them is to transform them into something fun so that you can plant the flowers in. First thing to do is to make sure that there is a hole at the base of the aluminum can you are using, so that water can drain out when required. You can easily do so using a drill or a hammer & a nail. After you are done with the hole, you are ready to turn it into a flower pot!

You can paint it to make sure it looks nice enough to plant in. Painting them with bright colors and drawing garden inspired images the like leaves, flowers, etc is recommended. You can also use stickers if you are too lazy to draw.

2. Pallets to decorate!

You can make a lot of recycled furniture like coffee tables, shelves, and sofas, etc using pallets. Pallets are the best to use in gardens as they fit in perfectly with the natural surroundings. You can find many ways on the internet or in the magazines for the tutorial. Remember the versatility of pallets makes them perfect to be used as an outdoor couch, chair or table.

3. Tires!

Just like pallets, tires are another best option. You can use old tires for many things, once you let your imagination take the wheel. One common use for old tires is to make swings for children in the garden area, whereas you can also paint these tires and then use them to cover your flowerpots!

Just like metal cans, you can use tires after painting and decorating them.

4. Ladders!

For adding vintage touch to your garden, you can reuse your old ladder, which is broken or not stable. You can put it in the corner and then use it as a shelf for your dear flower pots. You can also use rung with pots, candles, photographs, old books, etc on it and cover it with fairy lights for adding warm and bright tone.

5. Glass Bottles

We all have stacks full of glass bottles waiting to be recycled at our homes. You can find tons of ways to reuse old glass bottles especially by using them for decoration purpose in your garden. The most popular use is to make curtain like separators for your gallery!