Tops Tips for Decorating Gardens with Painted Rocks

tips for decorating gardens with painted rocks

If you own a garden or love gardening, then you must also realize the importance of cleaning, maintaining and decorating them.  While there are many ways to decorate a garden such as installing hangings, installing attractive lights, hanging bird feeders etc., one of the easiest and most effective way is by using painted or hand painted rocks.

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate a garden and one can go to any lengths of creativity when using them.  If you are confused about using painted rocks for garden decoration, then you can go through the following given tips and ideas:

tips for decorating gardens with painted rocksUse Bright Colors and Interesting Designs

One of the first things to keep in mind before decorating your garden with painted rocks is to use bright color paint on the rocks and make interesting designs. Some designs that look very attractive include ladybugs, butterflies, fishes, turtles, flowers etc.

Pick a Little Yet Noticeable Area of the Garden

The placement of the painted rocks is very important. They must be placed in such a way and at such a place where it can be easily seen and noticed. It must be in the line of view of the guests and other family members and should add to the garden. For example, if you have a small pond or container containing water in your garden, then place the turtle rocks near it to make it seem more realistic.

Stepping Stones

If you have a series of stepping stones in your garden, then you can paint them to create a beautiful effect in the space. Paint them in a certain patterns, for example, make a series of butterflies from end to end or make alternating designs of different creatures like butterflies, garden bugs, fishes etc.

Put all Painted Rocks in a Glass Container

Another way to decorate your garden with painted rocks is to put all the rocks in a container which is see through and place the container either on a table or on the ground or grass.

Write Names on Pebbles

If you can find slightly larger pebbles, then you can write names of all the family members on each of the pebbles and place them in the garden. This too creates a lovely effect and is a good way to use painted rocks in your garden space. Use different colors to write different names.