Know All About Hori Hori – The All in One Gardening Tool

know all about hori hori

In Japanese the word Hori means “to dig”, as a digging sound is repetitive, so is the name Hori Hori which is an onomatopoeia. It is also known as the “wedding knife” or “soil knife”. Hori Hori is actually known to be one of the best garden equipment. This garden tool was actually used by bonsai devotees to gather samples and it was first executed in unearthing plants (Sansai) in the mountains in Japan.

know all about hori hori


Hori Hori is very easy to handle as it is very light, but it is very hard-wearing. It is a Japanese trowel which is an all-rounder as a gardening tool. It has a shallow scooped straight carbon steel or stainless steel blade. The blade is often polished for a mirror shine effect.  It is super sharp and one of the sides is saw-like length wise for digging and cutting through dry soil. It is set up in the handle in a secure way to avoid snapping or bending of the knife. It has a black handle which is ergonomically created for a comfortable and safe grip. It comes with a sturdy holster.


  • It weighs around 225g without the holster and 315g with the sheath.
  • The size of the blade can differ, but it is typically about 67⁄8” × 13⁄4”.
  • The size of the knife varies from 11 to 15 inches in total.
  • The blade is ideally made out of Stainless Steel.

Hori Hori – A Multi Utility Gardening Tool

The Japanese Hori Hori gardening tool is ultimate equipment not just for your garden, but for your other household purposes as well. Below given are few of the utilities of the knife.

  • Digging in tough and dry soil
  • Separating perennials
  • Measuring bulbs
  • Weeding
  • Cutting through unwanted roots
  • Carving
  • Rough Trimming
  • Opening bags of fertilizer
  • Scraping grills after preparing barbeque
  • Piercing slugs
  • Fragmenting ice

For all you gardeners out there, this is one perfect all in one gardening tool for the garden you have longed to create. Hori hori is being used worldwide by serious gardeners and professional landscapers. Its solid built and ergonomic handle takes you through a variety of tasks. Since the price of this tool is a little on the higher side, it is around $60, therefore be careful about using it and maintaining it in long run.