5 Worst Garden Pets Ever

Five Worst Garden Pets Ever
Pets are human’s best friends, but there are a few that are not as friendly to gardens as they are to us. Their presence in gardens can seriously impact the growth of plants and beauty of flowers—something you would not want to happen.

In order to help you out in identifying the worst garden pets, we have selected five of them. In this article, you will discover five worst garden pets to have, and the ways to get rid of them.

Five Worst Garden Pets Ever

So, without further ado, here we go with our list:

1. Slugs

Slugs are obnoxious when they loiter around in gardens, and therefore, it becomes really necessary to get rid of them.

There is a peculiar gardening tip: take a small can and fill it with beer. Bury the can in the soil up till its rim.

Slugs love beer and they will get attracted towards the can and drown into it. Afterward, throw them away and refill the can.

2. Snails

Snails may look harmless, but they are not so. If it comes to destroying gardens, snails do the job quite wonderfully. So, you will have to come up with workable tricks to get them out of your garden.

Procure a wooden board and place it on the soil farther from your main garden. The snails will make that wooden board their home. Once they have gathered, pick up the board and dispose of the snails.

Save your garden from these sluggish and deceivingly harmless creatures before it is too late!

3. Earwigs

You need to give extra attention to this one: earwigs.

The trick is to get rolls of wet newspapers and place it in the garden. Earwigs will get attracted and make the newspapers their home.

Once they have crowded around the papers, collect the papers and burn them. Dispose of the earwigs in a plastic bag without any opening or a toilet sink.

Remember this: Earwigs can crawl through openings and that is why their disposal must be carefully conducted.

4. Aphids

Aphids are a great nuisance, especially due to their small size which makes them less noticeable. What adds to the problem is the rapidity with which they reproduce.

In order to get rid of them, you will have to prepare a spray made of lemon rind and one pint of boiling water. Let it be for a night and then filter it out with the help of a coffee filter.

Get your spray and sprinkle the solution on the leaves. Do this every seven days until none of the aphids are left.

5. Caterpillar

Butterflies light up the mood and give life to gardens, but their baby forms—caterpillars—are not friendly to gardens, and, therefore, must be forthwith removed.

In order to get rid of the caterpillars, you will need to pick critters from your plants manually and plant oregano and thyme. These two plants will do the rest of the work—they will force caterpillars out of the garden.