5 Crazy Gardening Methods Which Actually Work

5 Crazy Gardening Methods Which Actually Work

Gardening is an art and we need to follow certain methods to get the best results. However, amid the huge mass of gardening methods, there are a few that are totally crazy and are good for nothing. Well, in this article, we have taken it upon ourselves to highlight 5 crazy gardening methods which may sound unproductive but have great workability.

1. Tire Gardening

If you go around asking people about their opinion on tire gardening, they might not be very positive about the whole idea. However, you should trust us and understand that tire gardening is superbly effective.

To engage in tire gardening, all you need to do is follow steps. Firstly, cut off the exterior rim of a tire with the help of a utility knife. Then, once your tire is flexible enough, make the tire inside out if you wish to make the smooth inner surface visible.

Tire gardening is considered ideal for potatoes and other similar plants, as the structure offers room for sufficient growth. The black surface of the tire is perfect for the growth of plants which require constant warm conditions.

5 Crazy Gardening Methods Which Actually Work

2. Square Foot Gardening

If you have not heard of the Square Foot Gardening method, let us give you a brief idea for better understanding. All you need is a frame and a few dividers. Now, imagine a box divided into many smaller squares, each with measurements 1 ft x 1ft.

The focus of this method is on the number of seeds that can be grown within each box on the basis of the size of the plant. For example, a tomato plant requires its own square whereas oregano can be easily planted four times within one square.

3. Aquaponics

We do not need soil for gardening! Yes, we are making sense, and this can be done with the help of a method called Aquaponics. It is essentially an organic gardening system that makes use of fish waste for the nourishment of plants. When we say this, we do not mean that the plants must be submerged.

A range of systems arethere like simple trays for the sitting for plants that do the job: the bottoms of the plants are properly hydrated and fertilized in the aquatic ecosystem.

One can purchase the kits from the market which can help you with Aquaponics!

4. Straw Bale Gardening

You certainly do not require a huge garden for engaging in Straw Bale Gardening. You just need a small bale which, with little maintenance, gives high yields. Bales are basically raised beds in which straw collects moisture and is easily compostable. Moreover, the bales are able to retain heat to stretch your gardening season.

5. Window Farms

You can recognize this type of method by just looking at it, and, in all likelihood, you have already seen it. We are talking about hanging vessels, usually water bottles or halved soda bottles, which have in them growing leafy plants and herbs. This type of gardening is perfect for those who live in apartments and do not have their own area which they call a garden.