How to get rid of Quackgrass

How to get rid of Quackgrass

Quackgrass or Elymus Repens can ruin your garden. Thus you need to get rid of this before it messes up your beautifully planned garden. However, Quack grass, also known as Devil’s grass and Quick grass is one of the most difficult weeds to get rid of and you can get rid of them with the proper technique. Here are some useful tips to clean your garden off quackgrass.


Getting rid of Quackgrass: a few Tips

Before you weed out the quackgrass you need to identify them. It is not such a difficult task because they look somewhat different from actual grass, with blades that are wider, and stems thicker. Once you have done that, here is what you should do to remove them.

  • It is better not to have a quackgrass population in your garden. So when you bring home a sapling make sure the pot or the soil which comes from outside does not have quackgrass. If you find the weed in the soil, immediately pull it out from the root. Also, when you find that there is quackgrass in your garden, clean it out immediately, before it spreads to a large area.
  • Smothering quackgrass can be an easier way to solve the problem. However, in that case, patches of actual grass will also get destroyed. If you have no problems with that you can go ahead with this process, since it is one of the easiest and most effective way to get rid of quackgrass.
  • There can be different processes of smothering the quackgrass. Either you can cover it with a plastic so as to make it rot with the lack of sunlight. On the other hand you can also burn them out with excessive sunlight. You can cover the area with clear plastic, and root them to the ground with rocks etc., and thereby create a greenhouse effect. However, this is a long drawn process to kill the quackgrass.
  • The most common way to get rid of quackgrass is to manually pull it out. It does not respond to select herbicides, and therefore only through the manual process you can ensure that no other plants get harmed. Make sure you dig out every piece of its root, or new quackgrass will sprout from the remaining root.

These are some of the effective tips that you may need, when you have quackgrass growing in your garden.