Keeping Your Garden Safe

If you are a keen garden enthusiast then the last think you want is this beinn tampered with or damaged, ruining all your hard work. You can find good ways to ensure your garden does not have any intruders, stray wildlife or litter blown in that may ruin your flowerbeds.

According to Talk Talk thieves target about 5,000 gardens every week, so your garden security may be more important that you think. Follow our guide to keeping your garden safe.

Fencing and Gating

Do you have a garden that is not well protected? For example, holes in the fencing or a weak lock. Both your front and back gardens need good security and a strong lock. Having a secure gate can also help if you do not want you children to manage to wander out or deter intruders from trying to get into your house.

Barrier Components provide a range of garden gate solutions to protect you garden, catering to every gate need including swing gates, gate caps and gate latches. Iron gates are actually suggested to be better options then wooden gates when it comes to protecting your garden.

Keep Clean
Keep Clean

Lighting and Alarms

Security motion detector lighting is a good tool to protect your garden and house. If you live in a particular unsafe area or you want to be sure your garden and house are secure for peace of mind then get a security alarm system installed there are a lot of different options to suit your needs. The Lighting Superstore have a wide range of outdoor lighting with sensors.

Hide your Valuables

Keeping your garden tidy will stop any intruders or unwanted wildlife hiding away. Although it sounds obvious, don’t leave any expensive tools or items out in your garden otherwise this could attract thieves.Leaving bikes, mowers, strimmer’s and garden furniture out especially can be a security risk.

Bolt It Down

If you have expensive garden furniture or pots and ornaments that you want to keep in your garden, but you have experienced theft before. Then usually there is a way to bolt down or glue down these items.

Gravel is also a useful garden security tool as it makes a sound when you walk on it and is therefore more likely to put off intruders.

Let us know what you do to protect your garden and any useful advice you may have.