How To Make a Bird Feeder using Oranges?

How To Make a Bird Feeder using Oranges?

It’s fun and interesting to make homemade bird feeders during the winter season. To keep things as they are, you can try to make different variety of bird feeders to keep yourself engrossed, without getting bored. For a change, you can try this bird feeder which is made using oranges and is 100 percent biodegradable. It’s simple and easy as well as fast to prepare.

To make a simple and an easy feeder from oranges for birds, you’d require the items listed below:

  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Spoon or juicer
  • Awl or wooden skewer
  • Yarn, string, or jute twine
  • Birdseed or the bird food you prefer

Look for fresh and slightly riped oranges, which have a thick and strong rind as it will help to make the bird feeder even more durable. You can also consider using different citrus fruits such as lime, lemon or grapefruit to make the bird feeder even more bright and colorful to look at. Further, as they are all natural ingredients, no doubt the birds won’t be able to resist this!

How To Make a Bird Feeder using Oranges?

Furthermore, follow the steps below to turn your citrus fruit into a Bird Feeder:

Place the oranges on a knife-safe surface and slice them in half. Next, you can use a spoon or juicer to empty both the halves of the fruit. You can keep the flesh of the fruit for yourself and use it the way you desire. You can also choose to squeeze out the juice out of the fruit and then you wouldn’t have to worry about the pulp left inside as the birds won’t mind the sweet treat for themselves.

Using a skewer or paring knife, dig four holes around the corner of both the halves, remember to keep a half inch distance from the edge. Keep the holes at equal spaces and away from the edge as it becomes weaker when the fruit starts to decay. Hence, if the holes are close to the edges, then your feeder might fall off.

Cut two different pieces of strings or yarn of equal lengths and push them through the holes. Make sure the string goes through the opposite holes and creates a cross shape when you hang the half of the fruit. Don’t worry, the string won’t disrupt the bird while feeding.

Tie the strings together into a knot and keep on creating joined pairs. Now, you can easily hang your fruit and use it as a bird feeder. Make sure when you make the knots, the lengths should be equal, so that the fruit stays in a balanced level. You can prefer hanging these directly to the branch of a tree.

After hanging, you can add the birdseeds into the halves of the fruit, which are now hanging from the branch of the tree. You can also choose the food depending upon the variety of birds in your neighborhood.

The orange color will for sure gather the attention of birds. Therefore, be ready for what is to come now! You can also keep water in some of the peels for the birds to drink.