5 Things to Consider Before Fencing Your Garden

5 Things to Consider Before Fencing Your Garden

Fencing your garden may seem like an ordinary decision, but it may have several repercussions. You need to consider a number of things before you decide to have your garden fenced—and, trust us, considerations go beyond material and area covered by the fence.

In this article, we are going to discuss about a few things which should be taken into consideration before fencing the garden. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of 5 such things.

5 Things to Consider Before Fencing Your Garden

1. Why do you want to fence the garden?

Now you may think that one always thinks before getting garden fenced. Well, no, not everyone does that—in fact, most of them do not think hard enough and forego to deliberate on a number of aspects before deciding to get fencing done.

Before you do the actual thing, you should consider—seriously—why you need a fence and whether you REALLY need a fence. For example, if you are looking forward to adding privacy, then you may want something which is solid and tall.

Think hard before you put your money on it.

2. Selection of the right material

Yes, now we get down to real business—selection of the right material. For starters, a white picket fence has universal charm. However, before you go all excited about white fences, you should consider other aspects such as the likelihood of stains or rot of wood.

We recommend you to consider a low-maintenance material like vinyl which allows the appearance of the wood and no elbow grease. You may consider other materials such as wrought iron, bamboo, steel and aluminium which offer similar benefits.

3. Time to mix them up

Budgetary issues may arise and you would like to reduce the expenditure without compromising on the quality of the fencing. Well, here is a thing you can do: mix up various types of fences. For example, you can get wood picket for the front part of the house and connect the same to a chain link fencing in the backside.

You will have to go creative with your ideas, but we assure you it would help you a great deal in reducing overall expenses—something which we cannot resist, can we?

4. Seek professional help

If fence installation looks like a job which could be done without much inconvenience, then you cannot be farther from the truth. Fence installation requires inputs of expertise to generate high-quality results, and for that to happen, you might want to consider hiring professionals to do the job for you.

5. Do not be that person!

You can have whatever kind of fence you want, but make sure you do not create anuisance for your neighbours. Make your fencing plans meticulously so that you do not hinder your neighbours’ enjoyment of theproperty. Do not block their views, and consider striking an agreement with your neighbour to construct a shared fence.