5 Tips to Deal with and Avoid Garden Snakes

tips to deal with and avoid garden snakes

During fall and spring the temperatures are perfect for snakes to come out during the day and invade your garden space. Not only can they be scary but also dangerous and hence you must know how to deal with them and prevent them from venturing in. They are often hidden somewhere and may be difficult to spot but you must take some measures to avoid them or make any kind of contact. The following are some of the tips to deal with and avoid garden snakes:

tips to deal with and avoid garden snakes

1. Avoid Snake Habitats

Snakes love to hang out in cool, damp and protected areas. They usually hide out in garages, retaining walls, wooden areas, and cave like places in the garden. So in order to avoid them, you must keep debris and wooden piles away from your house and screen off the underneath and crawl spaces so that snakes do not get any space to hide or stay in.

2. Control Rodents

Snakes love eating rodents and one way to avoid them is to avoid rodents in and around your garden or house. Also, snakes feed on birds and other small reptiles as well. Thus, try getting rodent control done in the garden and keep bird feeders and nesting boxes away from the house or garden.  This reduces the rodent and bird population and may thus affect the population of garden snakes as well.

3. Lift Anything in the Garden Carefully

Whenever you are lifting anything off from the ground of your garden, do so carefully as there could be a snake hiding underneath. Lift the object towards you so that a wall can be created between the snake and you and you can thus avoid contact.

4. Respect the Space of the Snakes

It is very important to understand snake space as well. If you see a snake in the garden, do not panic and try to kill it. Rather be calm and move away. Don’t try to make the snake move because it might just come towards you.

5. Remain on the Beaten Path

When you walk outdoors in the garden, try to move on the beaten or carved path. Stick to open areas and do not go too deep inside bushes or under tree areas. Snakes love to hide in crowded areas and if you stay in the open, you are less likely to have an encounter with them.