The Basic Steps In Building A Greenhouse

If you are not happy with the quality of the vegetables from commerce and you wish to take advantage of a healthy diet which you can control by consuming fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself, take a daring step and build your own greenhouse.

Considering that for a greenhouse the space is the first thing you should think of, keep in mind that you actually don’t need a large space to grow your vegetables, but you need a smart strategy to do it.

steps in building a greenhouseAs in any type of action focused on a harmonious plant growth, building a greenhouse assumes you pay a lot of attention to the details referring to the adequate microclimate.

This is why it is important to place the greenhouse in the place with the highest sun exposure and a reduced slope. This is why the ideal place for a greenhouse is one slightly leaned towards North-South direction because it encourages the soil drainage. In case you live on a rougher terrain area you would have to level the ground where the greenhouse will be placed on.

In the sunny days the plants will take advantage of a higher quantity of energy if the roof is crossed by the sun from east to the west, in which case the light comes in during the whole day.

The materials with which you can build it are many and the price is differentiated accordingly. The base structure can be made perfect whether it is made of wood or metal, and as a transparent material you can use UV stabilized plastic foil or transparent glass.

It is important that after the structure is established, it would be painted in a color that reflects light.

As temperature control goes, the heat during the warm season is not an issue since it is created naturally. In order to limit the heat in some situations you can use roof blinders or any other type of roof installation. During the winter the temperature is kept at an optimum level with different types of heating, more or less complex.

Inside the greenhouse the air circulation must be ensured through a few windows close to the roof level, the number of these depending on the size and volume of the greenhouse. Still you must be very careful because the “draft” created when the windows are opened is as damaging for the plants as it is for the humans so it is best to avoid opening them simultaneously.