All You Need To Know About Herb Gardening


Starting your own herb garden at home is a very easy way to learn the basics of gardening, and a fulfilling yet fun hobby.

You’ll also be able to save money on groceries with herb gardening, as you no longer have to spend on a number of seasonings and herbs for your consumption.

If you don’t have a large spacious garden, you don’t have to worry because you can do herb gardening with the use of a few small pots and grow them indoors.

Herb gardening is not complicated, yet there are a few more adjustments you would need to make for a healthy harvest and big yield, as compared to growing non-edible plants.

Herbs are slightly more fragile, and more care has to be taken into growing them but once you’ve got started with herb gardening you’ll see it’s actually pretty easy.

If you’re still not convinced about herb gardening, here are some reasons you should take a look at:

  • Herbs are more immune to pests, making it a low-maintenance plant to add to your garden.
  • The fresh herbs you will produce are better tasting than any herb product you will find at your supermarket. Not to mention it will hardly cost you any money.
  • Most herbs are very easy to grow, and with the use of some organic fertilizer you can expect large yields again and again.
  • The delicious and refreshing aroma will grace your garden and home.
  • You can make several uses for the herbs apart from just eating them; you can use them as decors inside your home to add a lovely aroma.

Now that you know about the benefits of herb gardening, here are some tips and techniques for popular varieties to get you started:

  • Cilantro grows well in locations that receive much sunlight, and when water is well-drained from the soil. This is one of your best choices for herb gardening if you’d rather use small pots due to lack of space. You can use an old plastic ice cream container, and make holes in the bottom for proper drainage. Its taste is rather strong compared to other herbs, popularly used in Mexican and Thai cooking.
  • Lavender is a useful plant in herb gardening. It has a soothing aroma popular for use inside the home, while its leaves make a great addition to salads. Growing lavender successfully requires as much sun as possible and dry soil.
  • Oregano is another herb gardening favorite. It grows best when exposed to full sun in dry, sandy soil. Oregano’s dried leaves add a delicious kick to just about any dish you want to spice up.
  • Rosemary grows best with full sun and dry soil with good drainage. It will also succeed growing indoors, and is popularly used as seasoning for lamb, shellfish, pasta, and a number of other meat dishes.
  • Tarragon also grows best with full sun and well-dried soil. However, during the cold winter months you would need additional protection for your tarragon plants. These are popular for use as an ingredient in mustards.

Once you’ve grown your first few plants, you’ll discover the joy of herb gardening. It makes for a relaxing activity that you can also share with your friends.