Mint – A Scented Delight For Your Home Garden


It smells heavenly; it is decorative, healthy and contributes to creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Still it is pretty hard to come by fresh mint if you are not growing it yourself. That’s why it is good to know that mint is easy to grow at home even if the only option is container gardening.

The mint is originated from the Mediterranean shore where from the first wild plants have spread over the Europe. There are several types of mint and they differ by the intensity of their flavor.

The Spearmint has lance leaves with blue or mauve flowers and is very commonly known as the one giving the famous taste to the every day chewing gum.

The Peppermint is the one famous for its spicy mint taste, with mauve or red flowers, and in the same time the one considered the true value in the gastronomy world.

The Pennyroyal is the wild relative of the above and it is considered a medicinal plant. Growing mint needs following some very simple rules that will bring into your life all its amazing scent and benefits.

The mint likes large containers or a lot of space on the garden plot, it is not fond of excessive watering and it does not like to be moved or left in the sun because it will lose its flavor.

If you follow these simple rules you can be sure that your garden will have a trusted friend in the lovely mint plants.