Amazing Tips to Caress your Garden During Monsoon

amazing tips to caress your garden during monsoon

At the times of scorching heat, rains come as a welcome respite not just for the humans but also for the open garden lawns and fields. Though monsoon is considered as the ideal weather to induce growth in roots and plants, there are some tips that should be followed to maintain lawns.

To prevent the soil from over flowing and to stop the insects and bugs to grow in the grass puddles, given below are some of the useful tips that you can follow at the time of rainy season.

amazing tips to caress your garden during monsoon

  • It is advised to prepare shades before the monsoon arrives so as to prevent excess pouring of water into the lawns.
  • Make sure to apply stones, rocks, mud-ways and side-ways along the soil layer so that the overflowing of soil is restricted.
  • Before the onset of monsoon, take extra care to trim the lawns so that the bushes and the plants don’t grow wildly as soon as the first shower flows.
  • With the onset of monsoon, the birth of small, tiny and nasty creatures takes place such as worms, frogs, fishes etc. Be prepared with effective pest control measures and techniques so that the field doesn’t get destroyed with the action of these creatures.
  • All the small holes, puddles and empty spaces, if any, should be filled before and during the monsoon because these spaces can prove to be the breeding grounds for creatures and can fill the excessive water.
  • Take extra care of the drainage system existing in your lawns. The excessive water that flows in the lawns during the monsoon season can rot the plants and hence destroy the entire cultivated land.
  • As soon as the summer season departs, there is an onset of monsoon. During this time make sure to apply fertilizers to your lawns. The gardeners should do the tasks of pruning and cutting the dead leaves so that the new plants throw up the fresh shoots.
  • You may observe that the leaves of the plants turning yellow in the monsoon season. If this happens, cotton the seed mix and put manures on the top soil layer so that enough moisture is provided to the growing plant.
  • It is advised not to walk or run on the lawns after the rain stops because your footprints will compress the soil and the plants will not be able to get sufficient oxygen.