No Dig Method of Gardening – All you need to know

no dig method of gardening

No-dig gardening is the new fad in the town as it is a non-cultivation method often used by the organic gardeners. The method is not a very new one as it was introduced in the twentieth century, but has got popularity in the recent time along with the popularity of organic farming.

The technique acknowledges the presence of micro-and macro organisms in the soil, which are necessary for the systematic and healthy rotation of nutrients. This cycle also prevents diseases and problematic organisms. The plants release the carbon energy in the soil and the microbes thrive on this energy and then convert the organic substances into minerals that are essential for the growth of plants.

no dig method of gardening

What is No-Dig Method?

This no-dig method is a way in which the soil is left in the way it is. It is not dug or unturned. Although it is a lengthy procedure but once in practice yields more than the process of digging. The method allows the nature which is all powerful to carry out the process of cultivation. Matters like manure, leaf mould, compost, old straw, etc are added to the soil and left at the mercy of the worms, insects and microbes to do the rest.

These insects basically help to build the soil structure and also provide natural drainage and aeration. This natural process helps to maintain a healthy condition of the upper soil on which the plant thrives. This system is acknowledged to be free from pests and diseases as no artificial things are incorporated.

How to build a No-Dig Garden?

Preparing the soil bed is the most important aspect of no-dig garden. You need to follow the following steps to start your own no-dig garden:

Choose your Best Location

You must select an area that gets 6-7 hours of full sunlight on a daily basis. You can build raised beds to hold the organic matter or you can also build the edges with bricks, rocks or wooden posts.

Make the Layers

The first layer should be of cardboard or newspaper which in turn is sure to break down because of the earthworms. The second layer is made up of straw which is then covered with the layer of soil that is rich in organic matter. Then again cover the soil with another layer of straw to control the weed and retain moisture.


You need to make holes with the help of a trowel and then plant your seeds once ready. Add on nitrogen rich soil and layers of straw to retain the fertility and moisture of the soil.

This method of no-digging is based on the belief that the soil quality is sure to improve, if not touched by tilling, digging and ploughing.