5 Effective Ways to Prevent Plant Eaters

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Plant Eaters

Gardening is a tough job. It takes a lot of time effort and patience. You need to take care of the plants as your kids and make sure that you are leaving no stones unturned to save them from any kind of harm. Getting a little careless can cause you a lot. Summer is coming and so is the season of fungal and bacterial diseases. Any kind of carelessness can harm your produce. If you want a healthy a full garden, then there are a few basic precautions that you need to take in order to prevent your plants from any kinds of diseases. Let us look at a few of them:

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Plant Eaters

Take care of soil

The soil has all the nutrients a plant needs to grow. It supplies the plant with all the nutrients contained in it to help the plant grow and flourish. But if your soil is not healthy enough then it can deprive your plant of nutrients and in some cases it may also transfer a few diseases as well. It is essential for you to take care of soil health in your backyard or garden to ensure proper growth of plants and prevent any kind of plant eater attack.

Don’t let powdery mildew stay in your plants

Powdery mildew is a common term for small fungal particles which lead to small white coloured powder like patches on plant leaves. These tend to eat the plants and drive their health down. You must not let these powdery mildews touch your plants since they can be pretty harmful and they spread easily. Hence, they can end up affecting your whole lot of produce.

Use proper irrigation methods

Proper method of irrigation is very important to prevent the plant eater diseases from spreading in your plants. Often the sprinkler system is found be less effective and efficient than drip system. Since sprinklers come in contact with the plant surface they tend to cause infection more than drip lines like pathogenic fungi and bacterial diseases. Make sure that the water on the surface of plants dries off properly so that they don’t catch any infection.

Prevent touching as much as you can

Always wear hand gloves while working in the garden. The diseases tend to spread more if you work bare hands. If some plant eating disease has affected your produce then you must make sure to remove it without coming in contact with any other plant or crop. These diseases spread fast and easy. A touch is enough to get the plants infected. Keep your implements and equipment clean and rub them with alcohol before and after use. Take care of the hygiene as much as possible.


It is essential to remove any extra growth around the plant. Weeds affect the growth to a great extent. These are the carrier of several diseases and infections and can really harm your produce. Made sure to de-weed your garden every once in a while to prevent any kind of plant-eater attack in your garden.