The Many Uses Of Lavender Plants


Lavender plants are one of the most widely used plants in the world today. There are 39 genus in the Lavender family, and are native in the areas of the Mediterranean, Africa, and India.

Lavender plants are also popular choices for gardens worldwide, valued for their delicate yet lovely aroma. The flowers may come in attractive lilac, blue, or violet variations.

Lavender plants have become popular due to their many uses, and have been recognized many centuries ago. It is useful from the home to the kitchen, such as the following:

1. The variety of English lavender is known for its many uses in the kitchen. It can also be used as a flavoring together with other herbs. The flowers of the plant are often added to salads, while the flower honey and butter can be used as a delicious spread.

2. Cookies and ice cream made from lavender plants are a favorite dessert.

3. Lavender tea makes an excellent, great-tasting tea for its relaxing and calming properties.

4. Lavender plants are especially famous in the aromatherapy industry; it is one of the most popularly used flowers in aromatherapy products. Its oil has been used to cure a number of health conditions, such as headaches, nervousness, anxiety, skin disease, insomnia, and digestive disorders.

Essential oil from lavender can be diluted in water, and its soothing aroma can be sprayed in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you spend a lot of time.

The aroma of lavender will help you have a good restful night’s sleep. The oil may also be used in bath water for a great-smelling and relaxing bath.

Oil from lavender plants is also used an extract to make sweet-smelling perfume.

7. If you want to keep bad odor away from your closets, you can use dried bags of lavender plants to protect against musty smell.

8. During cold months, you can toss stems of lavender into the fireplace to add a wonderful aroma reminiscent of summer.

9. Lavender has natural antiseptic properties which makes it a powerful disinfectant and cleanser. It is used as an effective furniture cleaner, and can also be added to dry clothes for an added aroma. It is also commonly used in bath salts, bath oils, shampoo, and soaps.

10. Around the home, lavender plants make eye-catching statements. Lavender is a popular ingredient of potpourris, and its leaves also make stunning holiday wreaths.

Brooms made out of lavender stems and other parts can also make beautiful and nice-smelling wall decorations. The attractive flowers of the lavender plants make a great addition to any floral centerpiece or floral arrangement.

With the many uses of lavender plants, you can’t go wrong growing them in your garden. You will always be able to find a use for it, and it will go a long way as they are easy to dry and store indoors. In addition, they are also very easy to grow and cultivate that even novice gardeners can grow them.