5 Ways Deal with Ants in your Vegetable Garden


Your vegetable garden is definitely that one place in the house which you created with all your love and hardwork. It is that area of the house which produces food for you and is hence naturally valued. But often certain things and beings may come in and try to ruin it. Yes, we are talking about those irritating little ants.

Ants are common in vegetable gardens but are definitely not loved. Every garden owner must know how to deal with ants and get rid of them. The following are some of the best ways to do so:

ways deal with ants in your vegetable garden

Place Ant Deterring Smells Around the Base of the Plant

This is one method through which the ants will be forced to move away from your vegetable garden., some things which work effectively against ants include mint and cinnamon.

Place ant Killing Foods in your Vegetable Garden

Another amazing way to deal with ants in your vegetable garden is to place ant killing foods. There are many recipes for the same and one is to mix together equal quantities of sugar and borax and place it around the base of the plants. Ants will think this is food and will eat it. This mixture can easily kill them off and will hence help you get rid of them completely.  Cornmeal and sugar too is a wonderful mixture which can kill off ants.

Make an Ant Trap

Create a collar out of a piece of paper to trap the ants. To do this, all you need to do is to cut out a circle atleast 8 inches wide and cut it in the center of the circle. Cut out a small hole in the center so that it is big enough to fit around the base of a plant.  Put Vaseline on one side of the circle and place this collar with Vaseline side up around the base of the plant.  The ants will get stuck on the Vaseline.

Place Ant Repelling Plants in the Vegetable Garden

There are certain plants which can act like ant repellants and these too can be placed in the garden to get rid of the ants. Some of these plants include garlic, geranium, aster, mint and calendula.

Remove the Ant’s Scent Trail

By removing the scent trail of the ants, you can prevent them from entering your garden and one way to do so is by using a cloth dipped in ammonia and laying it over their path.