Easy Tips To Grow Carrots In Your Home Garden!


carrotsHave you ever thought of growing vegetables in your home garden? Growing carrots without using any pesticides and chemicals in your garden is not that complicated as you think.

It will be fun growing carrots in your garden.

The first step that you have to consider in growing carrots is to prepare a bed with rich, loose soil and also without any stones to plant carrot seedlings.

Here is how to grow carrots without using any chemicals and pesticides.

Carrots easily tolerate cold climates, so try to plant them in early spring or a couple of weeks before the last frost.

  • Light soil that has been improved with lots of well-rotted organic material is highly preferred to grow carrots.
  • Sow the seedlings of carrot in a row, at least 2 to 3 seeds per inch.
  • Always keep the soil moist until the carrot seeds start to grow.
  • Harvest carrots as soon as they become big enough to eat. When carrots are ready to harvest, loosen the soil around the carrots using garden fork and pull the roots from the soil without causing any damage to roots.

Follow these simple tips to grow carrots in your garden. Also, carrots do very well if planted in the areas where you have grown legumes earlier.

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