Create Your Own Landscape Design!


Landscape designLandscape design is not an easy concept; you have to consider various steps while designing for your landscape.

The result or benefits of an organized system in developing a design for the landscape are tremendous.

The steps that must be followed in landscape design are given below:

  1. Build up a plot plan
  2. Conduct the site analysis
  3. Assess family desires and needs
  4. Locate the activity areas
  5. Design the activity areas
  6. Proper plants selection
  7. Placement of the plants

The tasks or functions that should be performed are explained as follows:

Build up a plot plan: You can’t visualize certain aspects of design without putting it on the paper. Clear design will give clear ideas regarding the plan. You have to think with proper drawings and sketches and the mistakes on the paper should not be made on the landscape.

Basically the plan of the plot should consist of exact house location on the lot, accurate house and lot dimensions with door and window placement, finally existing walks and driveways.

Conduct the site analysis: A complete survey of your property is essential. The perfect plot plan will help you in regulating the information from the site study. Of course a through site study can be able to save your money and time.

You have to consider several aspects while conducting site analysis such as existing vegetation, views, natural factors and features, utility placements, noise levels, primary architectural features and setback/easements lines.

Assess family desires and needs: The landscape which has been designed must be an outdoor extension of indoor living areas. That means it has to be functional in providing space for your family activities. You have to keep the essential family characteristics in mind before creating the landscape design.

Locate the activity areas: Areas for the activities must be located on the lot once you determine your family needs.

The activity areas on your landscape include entrance, public area, living area, service and work area, quiet zone, vegetable or cut flower garden plot, etc. These particular areas have to be defined on the plan in order to leave the space to accommodate these activities.

Design the activity areas: You have to follow a systematic approach in designing these activity areas. First you have to determine the basic objectives of design by establishing a general type of plan such as natural or formal plan.

Proper plants selection: The selection of the plants for your landscape totally depends on your taste and interest. Go for the colorful flower plants if you want your landscape look more attractive other wise just go for the bushy plants which will give simple and beautiful look.

Placement of the plants: The landscape design will look more beautiful with proper placement of the plants. You must have an idea regarding which plants will be set in which place. Misplacement of the plants can spoil the look of your entire landscape. So, try to place the right plants in right location.

You can get the perfect landscape design by following the above steps.