First Time Gardeners Can Find The Gardening Quite Easy


For those of you, who discover the first steps in gardening, here are few gardening tips for everyone, who wants to have good garden.

gardeningThe first and most important is the place- one should never forget vegetables love the sun and require six hours sunlight each day.

The needed soil for the best vegetables is loamy and drained. The proper doze of nutrition is also very important for your production, which is why never put your vegetables near a tree, because tree’s root system will suck all the nutrients needed for your vegetables.

Water is one of the most important components of gardening. Never forget the golden rule- one inch of water weekly. The perfect size of every garden depends on the amount of vegetables you want to produce, but a good size for the beginners is garden 10×16 feet and crops, which are easy for producing.

growing tomatoThese are tomatoes (5 plants staked), peppers (6 plants staked), cabbage, bush leans, lettuce, carrots, radish, chard, beets …etc. What is important to know is that you must leave 2 feet distance between bush beans, 1/2 foot between bush beans and lettuce, and 1 foot between all others.

If you want to grow potatoes, don’t forget they aren’t good company for the tomatoes.

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