Know all About Growing Vegetables in Greenhouse

growing vegetables in greenhouse

There can never be a better alternative than having vegetables in your own garden. By growing vegetables in your own garden, you can eat them fresh and have an assurance of eating vegetables which are free from harmful fertilizers and pesticides. You can choose the right time for growing which is between spring and summer and use a greenhouse to produce your own vegetables.

The type of vegetable you want to grow depends on the weather condition of the place you live at and hence, you need to finalize on the vegetable first. Once that is done, follow the below given steps which will help you know the procedure behind growing vegetables in a greenhouse.

growing vegetables in greenhouse

  • Choose to build a solar greenhouse according to the size of your garden and the type of greenhouse you want to build. The perfect location would be the one which allows low humidity, moderate temperature and bright light. You can build a small green house against an insulating brick wall.
  • Look for an efficient water source for the crop moisture. Keep your garden hydrated all the time and look for alternatives like water filled milkugs in order to absorb sunlight so that the humidity is increased. Choose a greenhouse cover which allows the maximum entry of sunlight.
  • Choose the right kind of vegetables. Broccoli and lettuce are the vegetables which grow best in a greenhouse. Other vegetables like peppers and cucumbers also grow well in green.
  • While planting them, place the seeds into pots of soil which are filled more than half. After placing the seeds, fill the rest of the space with soil and water the plants when needed. They are indoor crops and hence they will not receive any advantage of the rain.
  • Make sure that you keep ample of distance between two pots so that there is space for the crops to grow.
  • You need to install two thermometers, one indoors and one outdoors in order to monitor the temperature. If you feel that the temperature is getting disturbed, you can open the doors to help the temperature to get regulated.
  • Keep a check for fungal infections and diseases in your plants so that they are not attacked by them. User fungal cleaners and fertilizers so that there is no harm caused to the plants.

These steps will help you grow vegetables in a greenhouse successfully.