16 Creative & Modern Gardening Pots For Better Gardening

16 Creative & Modern Gardening Pots For Better Gardening

1.Roly Poly Pot

The thirst makes both plants and humans fall over and cause the energy to decrease. However, unlike people, plants do not have a capability to express their feelings or supply their needs.

modern- gardening- pots1

Roly-Poly can be considered the communication system that the plants would have available.

The clever idea comes from the counterweight situation under the pot that bends over itself when the water level is low or finished. In addition, each plant has different water consumption needs, so these needs can be adjusted in different conditions.

The idea is still a concept but is no doubt that it is clever.

Designer: Samgmin Bae

2. Graine de Pot

City life has its advantages and of course disadvantages such as an enormous absence of fresh air. Almost every person who live in cities dreams about a small farm in the backyard.

Francois Clerc invented Graine de Pot to grow fresh vegetables in that dreamed backyard  at the window sill. Placing a seed inside the pot, the plant will eventually grow up.

modern- gardening- pots2

The pot lets the plant to grow in urban climate where the light and proper water supply can’t be properly offered to them.

The whole pot is bio-degradable, which is interesting, because it only lasts for 9 months after which it decomposes and lets an eco–friendly soul grow inside you.

Designer:  Francois Clerc

3. Pet plant

If plants would be able to talk, growing them would be easier. Junyi Heo created Pet Plant just from that idea. The pot shows the owner the exact soil condition, temperature, humidity and water level.

Also, it calculates those variables according to the plant inside it and then expresses its condition on an LCD display through some different pictograms.

modern- gardening- pots3

If you have over-watered the plant, the pot automatically drains itself and shows it. The overall technology of course needs a power supply. Thus the power reveals itself from a simple USB interface and uses  basic computer software.

Designer: Junyi Heo

4. Self-Watering IV Plant Pot

Leaving plants at while not being around for day makes a person feel irresponsible sometimes. The Self-Watering IV Plant Pot ($275) takes care of your plants.

The plant simply looks like an Apollo spacecraft while an IV drip hangs over it. In addition to the feature of a self-watering system, the hanging IV bottle shows the water level, so that it is easier to understand the water level just with a glance.

modern- gardening- pots4

The plants need care and attention. However, it would be smart not to tell them that they are going to be killed and going to be rolled up and smoked if inside the pot you grow something other than daisies.

Buy at: Vitamin Living

5. Postfossil’s Torre Pot

Postfossil Design Collective, which is based in Zurich invented a host of eco-minded ideas this year. The ideas which challenge convention have different variations of designs. Annina Gaehwiler, who is the Postfossil designer has lots of designs, for sure.

One of her designs is the Torre plant pot which demonstrates a hand-on approach to plant-rear.

modern- gardening- pots5

The pot has seedlings which are individually earth-filled. These plants grow in the pot, by the help of the seedlings which are located at the bottom of the pot. This system allows the plant to grow freely and stretch its branches and leaves widely.

Designer: Annina Gaehwiler

6. GardenGlo planter

To brighten up the plants a bit, here is a new idea. The resin Solar GardenGlo planter is a piece designed by Patio Living Concepts.

modern- gardening- pots6

The planter uses sunlight to power the pot and it uses six LED bulbs for that. The bulbs last approximately 20,000 hours.

To brighten the plants safely, the planter supplies an equipped solar control unit. The unit mounts to a ground stake and can be pot into direct sunlight, so it will shine at nights exactly like a garden solar lantern.

Designer : Patio Living Concept

7. Fabric Pots

The roots and soils of plants simply encase themselves with pots which are made of fabric, plastic, ceramic, terracotta, etc. Plant lovers would want to take a look at those plant pots. The Hova Fabric Pots are colorful and have many variations.

modern- gardening- pots7

They are stable and lightweight. In addition, they are put in a fabric sleeve which is attached (with a zipper) to a solid base. This attachment allows expansion for easy extraction of the root when a re-potting process is considered.

Thus, protecting the plant is the first issue. Also, the fabric sleeve allows suitable environment for the plant’s soil to take the fresh air. When watering the pot at bay, the sleeve allows water to vapor.

The pots are approximately $30 and $40, and can be found with various patterns and 2 shapes.

Buy at: Hova Design

8. The Jarst

One of the school composts turned out to be a successful result to the garden. Although the experience was not fun, the results were fruitful.

modern- gardening- pots8

The Jarst concept allows a miniaturized form of a back breaking work. A seal drum and a cap are placed inside a plant pot. Inside it, it is allowed to put the organic waste.

It is a long term process though, after 5-6 months, there appears a diaphragm which releases a rich homemade compost soil.  The Jarst also supplies heat and pressure, which is a guess, because the actual composting process needs them.

Designer: Leonardo Fortino & Andrea Bartolucci

9.City Oasis pot

There can be lots of potted plants in one garden which are taken care of with a probability of 50%. The City Oasis Pot is actually a regular pot with a modern flare, however there is an unique feature which is its drain plate.

modern- gardening- pots9

This kind of pot is holding more water than usual. It can be also useful when there isn’t enough time to water all the plants regularly. The large pot allows keeping water inside for enough time.

Designer: Iwashin Design

10 Chair Planter

A simple chair that looks quiet and peaceful can be turned into a plant pot with a clever idea. A planter which is placed under one leg of a chair allows the plant to grow and hug the back of it with a beautiful look.

modern- gardening- pots10

Using chair and pot options, the combining idea gives a room freshness and comfort and of course a different design.

Designer: Zhuo Wang

11. X Tray

In order to feel versatility in placement, these pots allow to design lots of combinations. Switch the pots with shapes such as L, I, X, and the room can look cooler and fresher.

gardening- pots11

The five ceramic pots are perfect for growing plants, herbs or wheatgrass. Quick rearrangement function allows the user to change the mood and shape easily.

12. Umbrella Pot

After the rain, coming home with slippery umbrellas and coats make the hallway wet and dirty. Going sick with this situation, Umbrella Plant allows umbrellas to stay happily while watering green thumb.

gardening- pots12

Kyouei Design offers a clever solution for wet hallways and slippery floors. Unwanted rain water goes directly to the green thumb or a plant that is placed under the umbrella pot.

Designer : Kyouei

13. Book Plant Pot

After reading lots of books, some of them can turn into a junk to put somewhere in the house to be excessive. A utilizing of a book idea is a new eco-way.

modern- gardening- pots13

After the pages’ actual life, a plant can be placed inside them to let them have the same experience again. The plants such as a bonsai can grow happily there.

14. Dish Drip Plant Pot

while the dishes are drying, approximately there appears a waste of gallons of water every time. In order to put the dishes in a good use, using the Planter Dish Trip would be a nice idea.

It has a plastic hold that is put in the dishes over the plant, so that the water that taps from them directly goes to the plant.

gardening- pots14

With its ability to hold several dishes, it can be said that it is a win-win situation for both the plant and dishes. The idea is still a concept made by Erdem Selek, which is actually worth waiting for.

Designer : Erdem Selek

15. Tab B Plant Pot

With Tab B plant pot, an ashtray is combined. The ashtray is down the pot which is concealed both visually and aromatically.

gardening- pots15

16. Plant Pot Pillow

A pillow-shaped bag is a new idea designed by Martine D’Esposito. The Growth bag is actually made from PVC  foam. For an unusual but decorative idea, the plants aren’t imagined to grow in a pillow.

gardening- pots16

The ‘pot’ pillow has dimensions of 35x35cm. Its manufacturing process is also an unusual process which is done by Ligne Roset. It is also marketed exclusively for hydroculture-friendly plants.

The Grow Bag can be found in white/orange or gray/gray. Also the formed plastic Drink Tray can be found in red, black or white. For an idea to keep the plants inside the house, this potted plant is a brilliant idea to consider.

Designer : Martine D’Esposito

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