Parsley – A Friendly Herb And A Friendly Way To Grow It


Growing parsley is actually not so difficult and doesn’t require special care as most of the cooking herbs do. There are few things you need to know before starting. First and very important is to know that this is a lazy plant and seeds start to sprout only 28 days after sowing.

parsleyOnce as the sprouts are ready, prepare the soil as you water it with warm water.

Parsley needs a special soil, so the very best you can do is to add an organic matter and bone meal. It will increase the growth of the parsley.

Transfer the seedlings of the parsley into the outside soil, but be careful, because they need to be at least three inches high.

Make sure you are not damaging their roots. After you sow them, water the parsley regularly, but lightly.

The plant is very sensitive about over-watering and it can cause damaging the roots. The sun isn’t an issue for the parsley, so the area for growing it should be sunny.