How to Take Care of Your Herb Garden: 4 Essential Tips

how to take care of your herb garden

Are you suffering from a bad growth in your herb garden? Has it been a complete disaster and now you are scared? There are few things that you might be doing all wrong like many other individual seeking to grow their own herb gardens. Do not give up on your dream of your personal herb garden.

Below is a quick lesson on how to take care of your herb garden. Keep these tips in mind the next time you place your own herb garden and you are sure to enjoy some aromatic, flavorsome and amazing herbs.

how to take care of your herb gardenWatering

It is not news or a surprise for anyone that watering the plants is essential for their life and growth. To take care of your herb garden and ensure the perfect growth of all your plants is it important to get this watering right. Firstly, note that herbs are not like houseplants. This is because many houseplants only need to be watered once a week or at such periodic intervals. However, when it comes to herbs, the delicate ones will need to be watered moderately or at least once every day.

Soil and Fertilizers

Most herbs will grow properly only in well-drained soils that have an appropriate alkaline level tolerable by the plant. However, keep in mind that too much fertilizer (or too little) will result in too much growth (or too little) without the same quality of aroma and fragrance of the herb. So add appropriate amount of manure or fertilizers. For example, if the soil you use is clay then it is best to add new compost every new season.


If you have been growing plants you know what pinching is, but if you don’t then- it is the practice of cutting off about 2 or 3 inches of the tips of the plants regularly. Now, this technique is extremely crucial to regular growth of the herbs, so go on pinching the tips and even some times the flowers to promote growth of the root.


Most of the herbs plants will produce more when pruned often and at regular intervals. Another benefit of pruning is to prevent the plant from outgrowing the pot or becoming to woody. Therefore, it is best to take off the foliage from the herb that has matured by either pruning the plant to half its size or by taking off individual stems.