10 Easiest Houseplants you can Grow

english ivy

Houseplants bring not only some fresh oxygen to your houses but also add Colour and brightness to your indoor spaces. Unlike what most people think, houseplants are rather easy to maintain and can be easily looked after. These plants need little sunlight to grow and thus need only regular watering for their care. There are many houseplants that you can easily grow within your houses and the following is a list of the easiest 10:

Norfolk Island Pine

norfolk island pineThis is a very easy plant to grow within indoor spaces and needs humidity and light to grow. This is a great plant to use as a Christmas tree as well! While it has capability to grow up to 20 feet but within indoor spaces, it only reaches 10 feet.


peperomiaThis is a diverse group of plant that can be grown within the house. It looks wonderful and adds a certain texture to the indoor space. It needs low to medium light to grow and hence is easy to grow in the house.

Chinese Evergreen

This is an extra tough plant which needs low light to grow. This is an easy to grow houseplant which can grow up to 3 feet in height.

Grape Ivy

This plant can be grown within a basket and can be hung in your kitchen. It needs medium light to grow and needs to be kept evenly moist.


dracaenaThis is a bright yellow, green plant which needs medium to high light conditions to be maintained. But people with dogs at home must avoid growing this plant since its leaves can be poisonous.

Fiddleleaf Fig

This is a beautiful plant, suitable to be grown at home. It is easy to maintain and needs only medium level light.


This plant brings a tropical look to your house and can be places even in those rooms which may not get a lot of light.

Snake Plant

snake plantThis is the most common houseplant which grows easily and does not need a lot of maintenance. It grows up to 4 feet tall.


This plant needs low to medium light to grow and can climb up to 8 feet in height. It adds color and texture to any room.

English Ivy

english ivyThis wonderful looking plant is dark green in color and needs medium light to grow. It can climb up to 6 feet in height and looks great in bathrooms.