Container Gardening

container gardeningContainer gardening is a great solution for those who want to grow plants and have only a limited space available.

Container gardening can be quite fun, for you can choose any type of container that will take enough soil to allow plants to grow in.

Anything you no longer need can be the perfect solution, it may be an old bucket, a watering can, old milk can or a wheel barrow anything that will inspire your imagination.

Another original way to embellish your small garden, yard or patio is with raised beds.

These can be installed on surfaces, which are hard and flat and are a good solution if you do not have much space for the soil.

Usually raised beds are made from wood or stone, and then filled with compost and soil; the advantage being that they have better drainage systems as opposed to regular gardens and the soil is kept warmer.

If you are short of ideas and inspiration for growing plants in raised beds you may go and look at the journal, here you will get plenty of tips from a family who is growing everything from plants, vegetables and fruit in a few square-feet.

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