27 Beautiful Perennial Flowers that suits your garden

A perennial flower is classified as an herbaceous plant that comes with a life span of three or more years. From the time of early spring to colder months, you can have a beautiful garden filled with wide range of coloured perennial flowers.

Perennial flowers usually come in different variety of shapes, sizes, colours and they can be easily grown with low maintenance cost. Irrespective of the season be it sunny, rainy or spring, for your every gardening need, there is a kind of perennial flower that matches the soil of your garden or site.

The ability to fill out the garden with colour and permanence are two main reasons behind the popularity of these beautiful blossoms among the avid gardeners. Mostly gardeners grow these perennials flowers depending on the amount of sunlight and site’s soil type where they raise the flowers.

Perennial flowers can be even offered as gifts on their accompaniment with several featured flowers such as roses and tulips etc. A bouquet created using a group of perennials will often present a strong feeling and can be helpful in conveying a meaningful message to the recipients whether they are your family members or close acquaintances.

Consult a local gardening expert before planting the perennial flowers as small changes in the climate can really make a difference in the life and death of the perennial flowers.

lilly of the valley

source  www.etsy.com

Tall Garden Phlox

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 source ginniesgems.blogspot.in


 source www.bhg.com

Hibiscus 'Crystal Ball'

source  chive-inc.tumblr.com

Amethyst Kiss Spiderwort

source www.nationalgreencentre.org

fragile daylily

 source 500px.com

Strelitzia reginae

 source www.wetland.org

Aflame Flower

source cloudwhisperer67.deviantart.com

herbaceous biennials

 source www.skinny-by-summer.com

Blanket Flower

 source www.blackrhinoservices.com

Lamprocapnos spectabilis source  www.flickriver.com


 source smashingreader.com

Summer's Bounty

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Nymphaea nouchali 's flower

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Columbine Winky Mix

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