8 Excellent Ideas to Decorate Garden with Waste Materials

decorate garden with waste materials

Gardening is one of the basic hobbies most people love doing. From planting flowering plants to veggies to fruits everything is explored these days. So what do you do when you have already grown bored of planting this and that and you need a new challenge? Easy, start to decorate your garden innovatively with waste materials.

decorate garden with waste materials

Here are few ideas –

Enrich your gardening pot with waste wooden sticks

Use waste wooden sticks as a design on pot. The most ideal approach to style your garden pots with no shading and absolute organic is this method. All you need to do is take different size of wooden sticks and cut them into same width of circle and stick them on the pot’s surface with glue.

Garden remodel with old clothes

Restore your patio nursery’s pot with old-clothes and lace strips. They look absolutely stunning and pretty and give off the essence of your delicate work on the plants itself.

Old fish bowl as your open air patio nursery

Old and inefficient fish bowls make your garden exceptionally lovely with an innovative way. Little beautiful stones with a small plant make for an excellent decor. Make a few gaps at the base of the bowl so that there is no issue while watering.

Plastic waste jars or carboys in your garden

Cut old plastic jugs at the handle side of the jug and put some dirt into container. Then just plant small plants in them and hang them anywhere in your petite garden.

Speak your idea with stones in your home-patio nursery

Make different kinds of designs and patterns with stones in your garden so that your patio nursery gets to be the center of attention of your neighbor and guests.

Environment-friendly garden with waste milk powder jars

Hang waste milk jars on tree and food for small birds like sparrows. Eco-friendly thought for your home garden and obviously birds enhance your gardening skills in general.

Beautify your patio nursery utilizing old birdcages

Put your gardening pot into birdcages and hang them on the walls so it turn out to be more alluring then normal pots in your home-patio nursery.

DIY Liven Up vase Ideas

Redesign your garden pot utilizing old stuffs like clothes, colorful papers, etc. Just stick old papers with glue so pot is completely covered with them and your normal pot changes over into fashioner pots and it’s basically wow.


These ideas are absolutely trendy and very easy to perform, but once your done with them, the satisfaction is like no other.