perlite Vs vermiculite

Perlite Vs Vermiculite – Must know for Gardeners

Perlite and Vermiculite are two ingredients that are useful for growing plants in the pot or anywhere else. To aerate your soil, any of...
versatile lavender plant

Looking for a Versatile Lavender Plant?

Lavender is a beautiful plant that looks great in virtually any garden. There are 39 species of the genus. Here I am going to...
suggestions for drought survival of your garden

The Best Tips and Suggestions for Drought Survival of your Garden

Every garden or lawn has to go through the situation of a drought atleast once. No matter how long or short the drought is,...
green list of skin irritants

Green List of Skin Irritants

Starting the day, cherishing the lush greenery can be a bright idea, unless it ends with bristles and rashes on your skin caused by...
Start from Scratch with Japanese Garden Plants

Start from Scratch with Japanese Garden Plants

You have made a very wise decision if you are planning to create your own Japanese garden because this is the kind of place...

When You Should Use Biennial Plants

Biennial plants are an interesting option for any backyard or garden because they allow you to skip the planting process for that plant every...

Expand Your Options by Looking at Drought Tolerant Plants

Those of you who are new to the world of plant life may want to start with some drought tolerant plants before you move...

Green Plants in Your Home Can Change Your Life

It may sound kind of silly when you think about it at first, but adding some green plants to your home can really make...

Nursery Plants Are the Real Deal

When you are trying to find out where you should be purchasing your plants these days, you should definitely consider nursery plants to be...

A Pothos Plant Makes the Perfect House Plant

If you are looking for a simple houseplant to put in your home then you may want to check out a pothos plant and...

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