Tips and Suggestions to Plan a Garden in Small Space

If you have a small space in the house for a garden then it is really very important to plan your garden carefully so that it can prove productive and gives highest yield possible from that area.  Even a small space can have all sought of plants like fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs but this can only be done by being selective about the varieties.  The following are some of the tips and suggestions to plan a garden in a small space:

Suggestions to Plan a Garden in Small Space

  • The first tip is to choose the plants that you wish to grow in your garden.  Place the relatively shorter ones on the edges of the garden where they can receive ample sunlight and are not completely shaded by the larger ones.
  • Another useful tip for designing and planning a garden in a small space is to line the perimeter of the garden with evergreen, narrow, holly shrubs so that they can give the rest of the garden some privacy.
  • To take advantage of the taller plants in the best possible way, you can plan or place them adjacent to the row of the spinach of lettuce. This will help make maximum use of the shade of the taller plants and will also look visually appealing.
  • To make maximum possible advantage of the small area of the garden, you can mark a separate area for plants like winter squash, vines and melons.  This will help them not interfere with the rest of the garden. Moreover, when such plants are grown in a separate compact area, they tend to be more productive.
  • Another useful and effective tip for planning a small garden is to plant short rows of one particular plant rather than having one long row, like in the case of larger gardens.  You can do so in one season and then change the plant row in the other. This will lead to successive planting and hence help you make most of all varieties of plants.
  • In a small sized garden, you must make it a point to include edible flowers.  This is even more important if you are someone who likes to produce more food and also enjoy the beauty of the colorful flowers.
  • Another tip is to avoid wasting a lot of area in fencing of the garden and using thinner but strong fences.

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