Hand Tools To Make Gardening Simple, Easy And Interesting


Ever envied the prowess of owners of beautiful gardens and wished you knew how to create one? Beautiful gardens do not grow by themselves; they need plenty of tender loving care.

To create such a garden you need to work hard, get your hands dirty, churn and mulch the soil, bed the plants and remove the weeds.

This is not as easy as it sounds; you need individual tools to facilitate the gardening process.

Be prepared to fork out a bit of money to buy individual gardening tools, as bare hands are not enough to get into nitty gritty.

There is a wide variety of garden hand tools to choose from and selecting the appropriate ones can be a daunting process for the apprentice gardener.

Adding a touch of luxury to your technique with a variety of tools can add a touch of luxury to your garden too. Here is a basic guide for selecting hand tools to make your job easy.

Hand hoe: An essential hand tool to break the soil before transplanting seedlings and plants. Useful for making trenches for supplying water to plants, it slices out weeds which strangle the growth of plants. Hand hoes are found in heart, circle and triangle shapes.

Cultivator: A very important garden hand tool for mixing fertilizers into the soil before transplantation. Mixing fertilizers with hands is not ideal, so a cultivator is necessary to mix the fertilizer into the soil and eradicate any lumps of fertilizers. Also useful for loosening the fertilizer and a good tool for removing weeds.

Trowel: Digs up the soil and creates holes in which to insert plants. Breaks up soil lumps and loosens the soil.

There are many variations of trowels to satisfy all your needs and one with a bended handle is best. The bended handle of the trowel will reduce Repetitive Stress injuries which are caused by digging in hard soil.

Transplanting trowel: The name is self-explanatory. This trowel is used to remove plants from the soil without disturbing roots and the plants themselves. Scoop plants from pots, cold frames, flats and make transplantation easy.

Pruning shears: A special type of scissors used for plants. Trimming your plants is the most important aspect of promoting new life and growth on your plants. Use it to prune hard branches as well as tender flower stems. Cut branches and stems up to a radius of two centimeters.

Wider: A transplanting trowel is used to remove plants from the soil, while the wider removes new seedlings from the soil. Many farmers plant seeds in a small area and then transplant these seedlings into a separate pot, and this garden hand tool helps to do this without disturbing other seedlings.

There are many more garden hand tools such as bulb planter, dibber, hand rake, Cape Cod weeder, taproot weeder, fishtail weeder and hand gloves.

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